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Grumman TF/C1A Trader

A major boost to its COD capabilities was realized when the VR-24 Detachment, Naples, began operating the TF-1 "Trader" in March 1956. The U.S. Navy's COD operations using the single-engine Grumman TBM-3R COD aircraft pointed up the need for increased load carrying capabilities to deliver high-priority cargo, not to mention the need for additional safety for passengers, to ships at sea. The answer was the Trader, a variant of the Grumman S2F "Tracker", developed as a replacement for both the TBM Avenger and Grumman's AF "Guardian", yet another single engine ASW aircraft. First flown in January, 1955, the TF-1, which would be redesignated "C1A" in 1962, was very similar to the Tracker, using the same wings, Wright R-1820 powerplants, and tail components. The Trader's fuselage was, however, deepened to provide addional space below the plane's wing spar, which passed through the top of the fuselage. The added space allowed for seating of up to nine passengers and/or a mix of cargo, passengers, and mail. Large doors on the left side of the fuselage aft of the wing made loading bulky cargo and/or mail much easier than had been the case with the TBM. The TF/C1A's reliability is indicated by the fact that VR-24 Det Naples continued to operate the TF/C1 long after it began receiving the much larger and more advanced Grumman C-2 "Greyhound". VR-24 Det Naples finally transferred its last C1A to the USS John F. Kennedy in 1984, almost thirty years after receiving its fist one.

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TF/C1A 050 Launch (unknown)

TF/C1A 052 Naples (salerno)
TF/C1A 6019 (usn)

TF/C1A 048 Approach (USNAM)

TF/C1A 6048 On Deck (USNAM)
TFs/C1As 778 & 037 Deci (prather)
Al Capel with COD, Capo, Xmas '62 (capel)
TF/C1A In Christmas Colors, Capo '62 (capel)

TF Flight, Tripoli '62 (capel)

TF/C1A Approaches Luqa, Malta (attard)

TF/C1A Luqa, Malta Xmas '66 (attard)
C1A Xmas Art '66 (attard)

TF/C1A Over the threshold (balderston)

TF/C1A near Mt Etna (balderston)
TF/C1A 769 Naples (hurt)
TF1 8pt tiedown aboard ship (hurt)

TF/C1A 146025 landing JFK, 1974 (wilemon)

TF/C1As 049 and 025 decklaunch JFK 1974 (wilemon)
TF/C1A 146025, Souda Bay, 1974 (wilemon)
C1A 146048 at Souda Bay, 1974 (wilemon)

TF/C1A 763 landing at Capo (1956)

TF/C1A 146019 at Luqa, Malta, 4/1/1966
TF 767 spreads wings at Capodichinno, 1956
C1A 025 traps Number two wire on USS FDR in a rough sea state. (1963)
(USN Photo cobe collection)
C1A 028 short final for FCLP at Patrica Di Mar.
LSOs observe C1A 028 FCLP at Patrica Di Mar.
Runway LSOs observe C1A 769 at Patrica Di Mar.
C1A 028 over threshold at Malta.
TF 769 lands at Malta.
C1A 028 in rare persective.
C1A 028 take lead.
C1A 037?? on short final to USS FDR.
C1A 037???, another approach to FDR.
C1A 037 on deck FDR???.
C1A 037 and 025 over Med.
C1A 034 hookdown about to grab wire.
C1A 037 on runout after arrestment.
C1A taxies clear of the wires.
C1A 048 in tension for cat shot.
C1A decklaunch off the angle.
C1A performing FMLP at Sigonella
C1A line at Athens detachment
C1A loading for COD flight.
C1A XMAS COD on approach to USS Independence
C1A XMAS COD about to trap, USS Indendence

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