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VR-24 Guestbook Archives 23 September 2003 to 2 November 2004!

Entry: 92
Name: Joker Hill
City Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Sent: 7.11 pm - thu 4 nov 2004

Haven't posted anything in about a year, must be about time again.. Have heard from some of my shipmates who were in Rota with us. Chris Parker is still there as a pastor. Heard from Shelley Vargo just this week. If any are out there from Rota, Jan, 1972 thru Jan, 1975, give us a holler. Joker Hill

Entry: 91 Name: Dick Prather
City Ramona, CA
Sent: 9.23 pm - wed 3 nov 2004

I just uploaded nine new pages and a number of "changed" pages. Check out "What's New" button on the "Homepage".
Would like to hear from anyone who has photos or articles they would like to share. Am especially interested in getting photos with which to start pages for the squadron's days in Rota. Another note, I will likely be placing most of the current Guest messages into the Archive Page in the near future. And I hope to upgrade the Guestbook itself to "enhance its user-friendliness". Thanks for visiting the website and guestbook. Dick

Entry: 90 Name: Frank Warren
City Lima, OH 45806
Sent: 2.55 pm - sat 30 oct 2004

66 to 68 VR24 Det Naples Aircrew

Entry: 89 Name: Kenneth Houston, AECS(AW/AC)RET
Sent: 7.35 pm - thu 28 oct 2004

I was really pleased to find this web site. I was stationed in VR24 Sigonella, Italy from 81 to 85. It was truly one of the best times of my life. I met a lot of great shipmates. I was the LPO of W/C220, it was a great group of people, some whose names I saw on this site. Master Chief Blackie Pittman was there as the CMC, AE1 Robert (Bob) Kilmark, AE2 Dean Smith, AE2 Arnold, AE2 Ross, AE2 Hector Mendez, AE2 Satterfield, AE2 Delanzo,AMH1 Bill (Moon) Mullins, AMH2 Gonzalez, AD1 Pena,AMHC Peter Hellinius (spelt wrong), Lt Susan Grubbs and Lt Varinga, AMH2 Jackson to name just a few. The last 3 were tragically lost coming back from a Rota Det. We had great times, hard times, sad times and party times. We were a critical player in keeping the fleet going, I can't recall ever having to push one of our sailors into going on Dets wherever they may have been. I arrived as an AE1 left as an AEC, went to D.C. left there as an AECS went to GITMO and finally finished up my last tour at NAVSTA Mayport. Of all the commands and places I have been my time in Sig was the best. I'm now living in Vero Beach Fl, I would really enjoy hearing from other VR24 shipmates.

Entry: 88 Name: Dick Thompson
City Goodyear, AZ
Sent: 3.28 pm - mon 25 oct 2004

I was in VR-24 from 1964 until 1967. Was a load master on C-130s and worked in the AE shop. Went to Barbers Point, HI. on depoyment for 6 months. Had some great times in Rota.

Entry: 87 Name: Robert Nantista
City San Diego
Sent: 3.04 pm - wed 20 oct 2004

Grumman Field Service Electrician spring 85-spring 86, Cheers to all the Sailors of VR-24,My time in Sig was the best of times. My regards to all. I am currently back with the C-2A for the SLEP rewire program here at NAS North Island,,keep em flyin for another 10 years!!!!

Entry: 86 Name: Tess Wolstenholme
City Lemoore, CA
Sent: 4.38 pm - wed 13 oct 2004

Hello all, I was with VR-24 from April 1985 to May 1988. Was a Plane Captain C-2 and T-39 and them to the Mech Shop. My maiden name was OLAES (yeah, the cute filipina girl - lol). It was a lot of fun in VR. I enjoyed my tour there. I married Wolf (John Wolstenholme) from HC-4. I'm out of the NAVY but am in the Reserves (YN2). Wolf has been in the F/18 community and is very successful (NAVY LDO). Hope to hear from those who knew me!!! and partied with.


Entry: 85 Name: Tess "Olaes" Wolstenholme
Sent: 4.29 pm - wed 13 oct 2004


Entry: 84 Name: David Thompson AD2
City Dayton, Ohio
Sent: 3.04 pm - fri 8 oct 2004

I will never forget the time and had with this group of professials. They made me what I am today. The joy of seeing 5 C1-A, 4 C2-a and 3 T-39's all flying at on time was on of the best times. To know that 2 C1-A's later did not return and to have know the pilots saddness me. Service dates at sunny Sig Nov 79 - Mar 82.

Entry: 83 Name: Jerry DeVilbiss
City Bellingham, WA
Sent: 10.17 am - thu 23 sep 2004

VR-24 Naples -- July 1966 to January 1969.

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Entry: 82 Name: Daniel Vallero
Homepage: http://desertduke.home.icq.com
City Tucson, AZ 85743
Sent: 10.17 am - wed 22 sep 2004

I would love to contact my old company Commander Frank Wilson Ford, last known address Millington, Florida. Please let me know of any information as he was a personal friend of mine.
Thank you.


Daniel Ray Vallero
12101 West Kirk Lane
Tucson, AZ 85743

509 Nightingale Place
Las Vegas, NV 98107

Entry: 81 Name: Bob Spicer
City SanDiego, Ca
Sent: 9.28 pm - thu 16 sep 2004

I've seen attending the VR-24 reunion for many years and have enjoyed them all. I would like to see more members from the sixties and later. Mary Jo and me were in VR-24 from 61 ro 63. We enjoyed ourselves especially the Stagger Stick.

Entry: 80 Name: Dave Swanson
City La Grange, Il 60525
Sent: 3.06 pm - tue 14 sep 2004

1966-1969 - Det Naples - Lived in the CAVES with Bruce Web and Bart Attaway -

Entry: 79 Name: Rick Meussner
City Enfield, CT
Sent: 8.09 am - sun 12 sep 2004

I was in VR-24, (1968-1970) as ADJ-3 in Mech Shop 2nd, and Flew C-2A, dogs, as FCPC & LM. Also Flew Herks as FE-Trainee). Worked with ADJ-1 Brown, ADJ-1 Doggie Collier, and ADJ-2, Keith Newell, (NATOPS). as the only 4, (at that time) FCPC's on the Dogs.
The C-2A fleet was having gearbox problems at the time and we C-2a crew were assigned to C-130 and C-118 flights.
ADJ-3 Bob Ryder took my place as FCPC when I separated in 1970.
Got a great group picture of a bunch of VR-24 guys taken at Bennie's Bar. (Jordan, Henderson Richardson, Fields, Wally, McCurdy, ......& ?)

Entry: 78 Name: GRADY SPRINGS JR.
Sent: 7.35 am - thu 9 sep 2004

Hey, most of you don't have any idea who I was when I was in VR-24(1985-1989), but I was your supply expeditor. I was sent to the supply department my whole tour. Excellent site. Remember you can't fly without Supply.

Entry: 77 Name: Larry F. Mahar
City Orange Park, Florida
Sent: 3.21 pm - sat 4 sep 2004

Excellent site. I was an Radioman second class on staff of ComFairElm from 1956-59 and remember VR-24 well. Send and received a ton of messages for and about her. Best of luck

Entry: 76 Name: Wayne Dockweiler
City Clinton
Sent: 1.57 pm - fri 27 aug 2004

VR-24 Det Naples 1963-1967

Entry: 75 Name: Frank Warren
City Lima, OH 45806
Sent: 6.13 am - thu 26 aug 2004

VR-24 from 66 to 68

Entry: 74 Name: Thomas K. (Ken) McBride
City Albuquerque
Sent: 4.12 pm - tue 24 aug 2004

VR-24 Napoli '63-'65

Entry: 73 Name: Ed Shaw
City Leonardtown
Sent: 1.58 pm - mon 16 aug 2004

Hello Lifting Eagles!! I was very fortunate to be a part of the best squadron in the Navy from Nov 90 until decom. Worked as Maint. Chief, QA SCPO and CSC under the superb leadership of Jack Punches (wave like Jack guys ) and Alan Murphy. VR-24 had the tightest best damn CPO mess I have ever seen. The troops were a joy to work with and to be around, talk about pulling together and getting the job done!! Even though we were often far from our temporary home, we always had a family. Thanks to all for a super tour. Ed

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Entry: 72 Name: Harlan Kirkendall
City Clarksville Tn
Sent: 8.52 pm - sat 14 aug 2004

I had the pleasure of working with a lot of VR-24 during my 8 years of working as a Navy Postal Clerk in the Med. I started off by helping set up a Fleet Mail Center/ and post office at Athens 72-74, then worked at the FMC at Capo. In 76 I went and set up the FMC at Sig, about the same time VR-24 moved. Well at Sig I was also a duty manager at the CPO club........I guess that is where I met most of the WR-24 Chiefs and their wives......I was the wife's favorite Bingo caller....."LUCKY LEGS 11"

Entry: 71 Name: Lisa Butler
City Boise, ID
Sent: 8.00 pm - tue 10 aug 2004

Very interesting site! I was stationed at VR-24 in Sigonella from March 1983 to September 1986! I had a blast in Sigonella - it was a great squadron and a fantastic duty station! You can't beat living on the beach in the middle of the sunny med! Hello to anyone out there that may remember me. I have fond memories of so many of the people that I got to know at VR-24 and would love to hear from any of you that would care to write. Lisa

Entry:70 Name: Robert Potts (Potoczniak)
City Lorain, Ohio
Sent: 9.46 am - fri 6 aug 2004

Looking for shipmates from March 1952-October 1953, before and after VR 25 in London. Bill Kirshstien AM3, Dick Brown AT2, Massey AE1, Geary Meanza, AM3, Where are you? Also London crew from Nov. and Dec.'52 Xmas party in London.

Entry: 69 Name: Bill Weaver
Sent: 1.20 pm - thu 5 aug 2004

VR-24 1999-1971, 123 was called "Snoopy" at that time. VR-24 moved from Rota back to Naples during this tour. I do not recall the tail numbers but a C-1A was lost in Aetna, and then a C-2A, with Lt. Chipraeny I think, went down on take off from the carrier just after I was discharged. I found this site when my daughter asked if I had any pictures of when I was in Spain. I typed in the Squadron number and was surprised to see what came up. Great to see it.

Entry: 68 Name: Jim Jones AE-3
Homepage: http://judica@bellsouth.net
City Jacksonville,Fl
Sent: 1.23 pm - sat 31 jul 2004

Loved my tour of duty with VR-24 from Apr.1962-Jan.1963, got some flight time in R5's & c-130's. Left Morocco to Hu-2 Lakehurst,NJ,AE-2, got out and went with GE for 32 yrs. Ret. at 55 in "97. Remember The French A/F on the base, camel steak sandwiches & real French fries,gee I'd like to have them again!! The VCS & Susies (wonder if the price is higher?). I have several pics of our R5's,C-119's,C-130's & many friends. They are worth more than any amount that money could buy! Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. Would like to thank Bob & Maryjo Spicer for the hospitalites they gave me to make me feel at home, I was just a "kid" then & they they were "THE BEST"!!!

Entry: 67 Name: Bill Mills
City Evergreen, Co
Sent: 5.05 pm - wed 28 jul 2004

I served in VR-24 from 62-65 as an AE in Port Lyaute, and Rota. I've been it touch with Ski, Fuzzy, and Edstrom. Hope to hear from more. I'll be making my first reunion this year(04).

Entry: 66 Name: Glen G. Rogers
City Chillicothe IL. 61523
Sent: 8.46 pm - sun 25 jul 2004

To all of my old shipmates from 1956 -1959, a great big hello. Wish I could have appreciated my great duty over there and the great people I served with. Its forever burned in my memory as a wonderful and crazy time.

Entry: 65 Name: Craig Wiltse
City ST Petersburg, FL
Sent: 9.50 pm - sat 24 jul 2004

I served with VR-24 between Jan1988 to NOV 1990, I was
very sad to hear that VR-24 is no more, I made a lot of
good friends in SUNY SIG, I'am just glad that you put
up this web site to remenber it by, thanks

Entry: 64 Name: Tom Maguire
City Hollywood, CA
Sent: 2.11 pm - sat 24 jul 2004

I served with VR-24 between May 1985-October 1986 and was among the madcap group that inaugurated the then-new six-story barracks on the air base, overlooking the Marine compound (I won't soon forget the vicious fireworks "war" between squadron members and various jarheads on New Year's Eve '85...shoulda seen those guys scatter when I pulled out the five-foot "firework" I'd picked up that day in Catania! It was a nice payback after the infamous "Xmas Eve Brawl" between VR members and the Corp...but I digress...).

I was a YN...yes, the dreaded "blackshoe"...who also played on the Sig champion volleyball team (still remember bringing the championship trophy into the officers club on Sig One and swilling champagne and, later, tequila outta the cup...in retrospect, not one of the greatest choices we'd ever made...).

Alas, I didn't serve a full tenure with the squadron due to an overweening fondness for the drink (what can I say, I'm Scots-Irish...it's in the blood). Since I was confined to barracks after a drunken brawl and waiting for my walking papers, I volunteered for an extensive project that our CO, Capt. Cletus Wise, was all hot and bothered about. Putting my extensive verbal and written skills to work, I put together the package that won the squadron the Golden Anchor Award in '86...quite ironic, considering that the award honored retention, and the author of the package was getting the boot...ah, memories!!!

Now, to contact Chief Thompson and make sure he's treating my old pal AN Steinau right (still find it hard to believe that Bruce married the gal I used to dance around with like an idiot to Black Flag's "Slip It In"...and they're still together!!!).

Great site...anyone from my era that remembers me, feel free to contact!

Entry: 63 Name: Steve Neske
City Topeka, Kansas
Sent: 9.57 am - thu 22 jul 2004

I wasn't part of VR-24 but arrived in Naples as a wet behind the ears radioman reporting to NAVCOMSTA Italy down at AFSOUTH in April 1970. Spent the next 3+ years assigned to the message center at CAPO. Lived in the barracks; lived on the beach (Lago di Patria); hung out at the El Morocco, Swiss Bar and Lorie Bar; and have always wished I could come back for a visit. From what I've read on the NSA web site, Capo's the place to be. Anyone else there from 1970 thru 1973 that remembers me?

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Entry: 62 Name: Brian W. Jordan
City Nashville, TN.
Sent: 9.12 am - tue 13 jul 2004

With VR-24 from 90' to 93' was AD3 back then. Where are the boys (Grubb, Sheiff, Doll, Hindu, Taylor, Parker, etc.). In the wine industry now and loving it, also married with 3 boys. Drop a line.

Entry: 61 Name: Bill Stone
City Lexington Park, MD
Sent: 9.33 am - mon 12 jul 2004

Bill 'Fox" Stone ATN2, VR-24 63 -65, Port Lauty & Rota
William C. Stone III, CWO4 USN (RET)
45510 Poplar Lane, Lexington Park, MD 20653
(301) 862-2295 billstone3@verizon.net (Home)
(301) 863-4402 Bill.Stone@ai-engsvcs.com (Work)

Entry: 60 Name: Harless "Fuzzy" mCcallister
City ocala, Fl.
Sent: 6.31 pm - wed 7 jul 2004

To all the guys from vr, 1962 to 1964 a gerat big hello!

Entry: 59 Name: Willy"Bill"Huelsenkamp
City SanJose,Ca
Sent: 7.32 pm - fri 2 jul 2004

Hey gang wassup?
3 of the best years of my life..some of the best people I've known..'69-'73 Naples...anyone who recalls Gina and I, drop us a line , would love to hear from ya..Jeez let's see.Doggie you still around,George Cope, "Fires" Meyers, Dennis,Larry Sellers,Tweety.. man the list could go on an on...love you guys....give us ya jingle... Willy n Gina

Entry: 58 Name: Michael Urbania
City Cleveland,Ohio
Sent: 6.21 pm - sat 26 jun 2004

I am very proud to have been apart of the VR-24 family, even though it was a very short time 1992-1993. I made some lifelong friends while I was assigned to the squadron and would love to keep in touch.

Entry: 57 Name: Sandi Silarski
Sent: 1.03 pm - thu 17 jun 2004

I served with VR-24 1981-1983, was my first duty station. Very sorry to hear about Blackie, was my favorite Master Chief, who debated the uniform regulations with me frequently. May he rest in peace.

Regarding the two C-1's who went down 150 miles from the departure field in Palma Mallorca, that occured between the months of March and June 1983, with both Ltjg Cynthia (Suzanne) Grubbs and LT Michael Veringa being among those listed as, well shall we say lost at sea. I will always remember our fallen shipmates.

It's very nice to see you all, great site.

Entry: 56 Name: Joseph W. Allen, III
Sent: 9.33 am - fri 11 jun 2004

My father, Joseph W. Allen, Jr. was a LT, I believe, and was stationed at Pt. Lyautey beginning in about 1949 and later went to Herndon. He died many years ago but I have recently been reviewing his log books and am quite astounded at all the places he flew. The family was with him in Port Lyautey and later in London. If anyone remembers him or has knowledge of the squadron at that time, I would love to hear about it.

Entry: 55 Name: James "Jim" Windham
City Evergreen, Alabama
Sent: 7.06 pm - mon 7 jun 2004

Spent 5 years with 24 det Rota and loved every minute of it. Sure miss the days when I played stage coach driver, just sitting in the middle and watching a couple of ______ to keep them from messing up. Retired now and can be reached at the above email address. Look forward to hearing from any of the old shipmates.

Entry: 54 Name: John Mullis
City Germantown, TN
Sent: 8.57 pm - wed 2 jun 2004

Holy smokes, talk about dusting off the bookshelf...! Great website to help recall some great times and great folks! Reported to VR24 Naples in Aug '75, made the transition to Sigonella in June '76, transferred in june '78; flew C-1's and C-2's. Working for Fed Ex in Memphis and am in the phonebook...hope you'll call if you are in the area...

Entry: 53 Name: Doug Gable AME
City ferriday La., Kuwait City .Kuwait
Sent: 8.52 pm - tue 1 jun 2004

Hello lifting eagles I was in VR from dec 89 to decom and then went over to hornets in fallon C-2s are better I got out in 97 and went to work in contract maintance in merdian and am currently work in Kuwait for the kuwait Air force .
Of all the places I have been and the people I have worked with the group from VR have been by far the best and that made it the time I had while in the Navy (THANKS) to all I was stationed with

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Entry: 52 Name: John R. Starling
City Lakeland, Fl.
Sent: 5.04 pm - mon 31 may 2004

Joined VR-24 in November of 1962 in Port Lyautey, moved to Rota in 1963 with the squadron. Flew as flight radio operator (ATN-2) on C-54's, C-118's and C-130's. did TDY with C-130 crews to Barbers Point Hawaii for 6 months in 1966 before getting discharged in October '66. Would like to hear from the old 1962-1966 members.

Entry: 51 Name: clifford m kinney
City lowell
Sent: 3.27 pm - tue 25 may 2004

hi there all you lifting eagles i am sorry to hear about mr punches he was a great co and a friend to all who knew him. i would like to hear from the old pack if anyone is still out there

Entry: 50 Name: Marie (Dickerson) Rogers
City Montgomery, Texas
Sent: 5.48 am - fri 21 may 2004

I was stationed in VR-24 from 1990-92 as an Aviation Machinist Mate and C2 Loadmaster. I spent alot of time in Antalya Turkey and Souda Bay during the gulf war, then finally made it to Saudi and Bahrain. This was my first duty station in the Navy and by far the Best Duty I had. I still talk to my best friend from VR-24, Patsy Parson and hear how some of the folks are doing. I know that Steve Gatlin is supposed to be in the same area of Texas that I am in, but have not seen or heard from him. I left the Navy on 12-25-98. The shipmates of VR-24 are the best the Navy has/had to offer and I would love to hear from anyone that was there at the same time.


Entry: 49 Name: Ken Gardner
City Adams Wi 53910
Sent: 5.53 pm - thu 20 may 2004

I had the priviledge of serving with some of the best the USN had to offer. I served with VR-24 from 1984-1988. I had the opportunity also, to serve in Sicily from 1971-1974, and 1978-1981. I know there are a lot of ex-Sig people that I know. Please feel free to contact me at my E-Mail address. Would also like to see you at the next reunion in Minnesota.

Entry: 48 Name: DAN LUCHY (YN2)
Homepage: http://DANLUCHY@YAHOO.COM
Sent: 2.09 pm - thu 20 may 2004

Sent: 2.08 pm - thu 20 may 2004

Entry: 47 Name: DANIEL HLUCHY
Sent: 1.45 pm - thu 20 may 2004

I assigned to VR-24 Naples,Italy from June 1972 to May 1974. It was the best duty and the most fun I ever had. I was the OPS Yeoman(YN2) and I felt I was privledge to be serving with all the Great Airdales I was associated with, Pilots - crewmen - mechs, they were all great people to be around. Please let me know when the next reunion will be.

Entry: 46 Sent: 1.45 pm - thu 20 may 2004

Entry: 45 Name: Richard Ruddell
City Woolwich, ME
Sent: 7.49 am - thu 20 may 2004

I just want to say thanks again to those who setup and maintain this web site. I was an AKAN--AK2 (Nov88--Oct90) with VR-24 and retired in '02 as an AK1(AW). Since the web site was setup, I've heard from a number of oold squadron mates. Unfortunately time has taken itís toll and I havenít always remembered who they were. Nonetheless, it was great to hear from them and to share in common memories. I continue to look forward to attending one of the reunions when they make it to the northeast.

Entry: 44 Name: Kevin Bigler (AD3 /MA2)
Homepage: http://www.military.com
City Portland, OR/ VR24 89-92
Sent: 10.37 am - wed 19 may 2004

Hello, In was in VR from Feburary 1989 to April of 1992. Has a great time in Sicily and the other hot spots of the Med that VR sent DET's to. DId a stint in Seattle as a Brig Guard (Horrible Duty) and then left the USN to become a Deputy Sheriff in the outside world. I maintain a VR-24 page at www.Military.com. At a little hard to find, but there is some interesting history there too.

Entry: 43 Name: Pat Davis
City Ringgold, GA
Sent: 9.43 am - mon 17 may 2004

I was in VR-24 Det. at Naples from 12/69 - 12/71. I was an AT and air crewman on the C1-A's. It was one of the great times of my life. Would love to hear from any others who served in VR-24 det. Naples at that time. I remember well Ken Collins, George Hendricks, Jeff Shaw, Dan Dompe, Max Deblock, Chip Drake and so many others. I have searched for years for information on VR-24 and the friends I made there. Would love to get merchandise if available.

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Entry: 42 Name: Paul Lively - Biffer
City Houston Texas
Sent: 7.50 pm - thu 13 may 2004

What a long time it has been since I lived in Sicily next to a volcano. I was with VR-24 from Oct 87 thru Oct 90. What a fantastic part of my life. I arrived as an AMSAA and left an AMS3. I remember good friends like Chad Nanfito, Tad Fisher, Troy Hudson, and Lyndel Carmen. I have searched for these guys ever since I left. I miss them dearly just as one would a brother. I missed being a part of the Navy so I joined back up with the USNR and will be commissioned on board the Battleship Texas next week 5/22/02 at 2:00PM. I wish my VR-24 brothers could be there. Ever since I set foot in the squadron at VR-24 I was inspired to do more by the professional leaders therein. I will be in the Intel community as an Ensign and I will forever tell the stories of the people, places, friends, and loved ones I had the priveledge of knowing in VR-24 - The best squadron in the Navy.

Entry: 41 Name: Dana Quinney
Homepage: http://www.kennelcity.com
City Boise, ID
Sent: 3.50 am - fri 7 may 2004

That sure is Tom Chiprany in the photo of the three men on the Squadron Moves page of the Scrapbook. Tom was a football and basketball star in Hailey High School, Hailey, Idaho, and was student body president when he was a senior. Tom was my best friend when we were little children.

Entry: 40 Name: Simmon Boyd
City Fort Worth
Sent: 12.18 am - sat 1 may 2004

Been a long time "We are V.R." Served in Sig. from June of 1980 to Sept.1983. Member of the first VR-25 Det. Indian Ocean aboard the USS America.

Entry: 39 Name: Richard Bardsley
Homepage: http://richardbardsley.com
City Upper Marlboro
Sent: 6.21 pm - mon 26 apr 2004

I served in VR-24, Rota, Spain from March 1966 to Oct. 1968. I worked in the AE shop.

Entry: 38 Name: Landry
City Abbeville
Sent: 10.42 am - sat 17 apr 2004

I worked at VR-24 from 89-91 as a Plane Captain mostly and finally found my home in the AT shop. It was nice seeing old pictures from there! I'm presently at VFA-204 in New Orleans as a reservists.

Entry: 37 Name: Fred Stevens
City Naperville, Illinois
Sent: 6.11 am - fri 16 apr 2004

Entry: 36 Name: Fred Fuentes
Sent: 8.15 pm - sat 10 apr 2004

I would like to amend # 145, I was in VR 24 Port Lyautey from Apr. 1959 til Dfc. 1962. I flew PC/Flt-Eng. on our R5D's, R4Q's and GV1U's. I enjoyed every minute of it. In 1975 I went back to NTC Kenitra for our assigned C131F [141001] serving as Maint. Chief. In Sept. 1979 I went to VR 24 Det. at Rota for shore duty [ no flying]. I served as P/P CPO and later QA CPO til I retired on VR 24's hangar deck on 31 May 1982. Then I did another 20 years on C130's here and there until Mar. 2002 I retired. I would enjoy hearing from all hands.

Entry: 35 Name: Dick Chubb
City Orange Park, FL 32003
Sent: 4.40 pm - mon 1 mar 2004

Just want everyone to know that I have moved to Florida and love it! Sorry to have missed the last couple of reunions, but couldn't be helped. Drop me an e-mail anytime.

Entry: 34 Name: Ray Duane Ruggles
City Marietta, GA
Sent: 4.28 pm - wed 25 feb 2004

I was in VR-24 from April 63 until April 65. I worked on the flightline while we were in Morrocco and when we moved up to Rota I worked TAD at the gaspool. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who served during this time. Would like to get intouch with Roberts, Eubanks, Ezell or any of the gaspool guys. Best duty ever and the food was great.

Entry: 33 Name: Mike Long
City Grand Junction, CO
Sent: 6.30 am - fri 20 feb 2004

Was an AE, did two tours in VR-Rota, 65-67 and 71-75. Good times and always fell in with the wrong crowd!!! Would like to hear from those who were there at that time. Please put VR in the subject line so I can pull it out of my spam blocker!!!!

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Entry: 32 Name: Ted Mynyk
Sent: 3.31 pm - sun 15 feb 2004

Stationed at VR-24 Naples, Italy from March 1973 until September 1976. Was an ADJ-2 (mech shop)and worked as as C-1A planecaptain/groundcrew and CT-39G planecaptain and flight crew.

Entry: 31 Name: Carroll (Joker) Hill
Sent: 2.30 pm - sat 14 feb 2004

Was stationed with VR-24 from January, 1972 until January 1976. Was an AME and supervisor of shop. Some of those stationed with me were: Mike Dotson, Lou Sheets, T.J. Smith, Mike Funderburg, Jeff Olson, J.R. Newman, Sam Bass, Pete Straub. Commanding officer was Head Bear for the Air, Mr. Angiers. My wife's name was Becca, we had 2 daughters, Michele and Samantha (born in Rota). Would like to connect with others who were there at that time.

Entry: 30 Name: Noel Cowan
City Pensacola FL
Sent: 11.26 am - tue 10 feb 2004

Stationed with VR-24 59-60 right out of bootcamp in airframe and hydraulic shop. Left 24 went to A school then spent the next 12 years in Super Connies. Retired from VRC-40 79. I wonder what ever happened to the guys like Bob Linde,Fred Dudas,Johnny Johnson,Gene Frameli. Glad I found this site, brings back a lot of memories.

Entry: 29 Name: Stan Sexton
City San Jose, CA 95129
Sent: 9.32 am - sun 1 feb 2004

Entry:28 Name: Harold "Fred" Smith
City Summerville, S.C. 29485-5545
Sent: 4.24 pm - thu 29 jan 2004

My first duty station out of boot camp! Was great made ADR-3 and work over in the terminal in Space Control. Did some flying as a Flt.Orderly/Loadmaster 1955-1957 a long time ago! Retired in 1980.

Entry: 27 Name: Jim Jones AE-3
City Jacksonville,Fl
Sent: 9.36 am - thu 29 jan 2004

Loved my tour of duty with VR-24 from Apr.1961 thru Jan.1963, got some flight time in on the R5's & C130's.Left Morocco to HU-2 Lakehurst,NJ, got out and went to work with GE 32yrs. Retired at 55 in '97.

<Entry: 26 B>Name: Ralph DeLange
City San Jose, Ca & Bigfork, MT
Sent: 4.28 pm - sun 25 jan 2004

Haven't been here in a while. Heard from a few mates from the 52-55 era at Capodichino in Bella Napoli. Still wonder where many of my old drinkin' buds are and how they have fared over the years. I gave up the hooch in '66 and no regrets. Had my share and the troubles it brings. Have retired and living the good life dividing my time between California in the winter and the beautiful Flathead in Montana from May to Nov. Always great to remember the fantastic duty and great friends in the USN. Especially FASRON77 and VR-24. Pass on the contacts if you will to my e-mail. Miss the World's Greatest Little Airline.

Entry: 25 Name: Armando
Homepage: http://mambopilot@bellsouth.net
City Peachtree City
Sent: 3.23 pm - fri 23 jan 2004

I was a C-2 pilot in VR-24 from 1987-1989. What made VR-24 such a wonderful squadron were the sailors and airman of VR-24. The best little airline I ever flew for. It was a great experience.

Entry: 24 Name: Bill Krzywiecki
City Pittsburgh, PA
Sent: 5.35 pm - mon 19 jan 2004

Served 68 to 1970 in the NALCO operation in both Naples and Rota. I'm looking for Ron Spessard, Garry Walberg or Buddy Sorell who also served in NALCO during the same period. I'm going back to Rota in March of 2004 to refresh the old memory banks - thanks to everyone here for your contributions!!!

Entry: 23 Name: Dick Prather
City Ramona, CA
Sent: 11.16 am - sat 17 jan 2004

Editor's note; just uploaded a dozen or so new pages to the website. If you don't see a change in the "Whats New Page", Scrapbook Page One, or the number of Port Lyautey Pages, Ops Summary Pages, or Ramp Watch Pages, you may want to do the following.
Select one of the pages listed above. Hold down both Shift and CTRL keys and simultaneously click (with mouse) on Refresh at top of screen. That will clear any older version of the page(s) in your computer and will automatically load the newest version from the website. You may have do this for each of the new pages. Happy viewing. Dick Prather, Editor of the VR-24 website.

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Entry: 22 Name: Harold W. Rarden
City Wallingfrod, Ky. 41093
Sent: 5.47 pm - fri 16 jan 2004

Great duty. Was in Pt. Lyautey Dec,53 till near
Feb, 1, 55. Drew flight skins almost every month.
Madrid, Naples, London, Orly field Paris,Karachi,

Entry: 21 Name: Rose & Bo Irwin
Sent: 4.02 pm - tue 30 dec 2003

We would like to wish all our squadronmates a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Entry: 20 Name: Bill Donovan
City Boston
Sent: 2.47 pm - sat 27 dec 2003

Seasons greetings,Iwas adr-3 on"City of Kenitra" 124,from 1959 to 1961.I was somtimes called "Patty" from Boston.I campainged for that senator from Boston,who was running for President.Does anyone remember?Hoping to hear!

Entry: 19 Name: John Levey
City Wantagh, NY
Sent: 10.15 am - sat 27 dec 2003

hearing from Whitey brings back a lot of great "Rota rootin" memories! Any word on this years re-union? Anybody ever hear from Ed Payne or any of the Rota soccer team from 70 -72??

Entry: 18 Name: Richard (Whitey) Whitfield
City Columbus, OH
Sent: 4.42 am - sat 27 dec 2003

Hey there all you crusty old veterans. I was on the line division from 1969 until I got out in 1971. 2-1/2 years. I'd love to hear from anybody that remembers me. I wonder if the Tokyo Bar is still there? Heck, I wonder if any of the old buildings are still there. After all, it's been over 30 years.

Entry: 17 Name: Rudy Hernandez
Sent: 3.10 pm - tue 23 dec 2003

I was stationed at VR-24 Det. Rota, Spain from 77-80. I'm pleased to see this wesite and would also like to know if anyone out there knows where I might beable to get a patch for my old squadron which I negleted to obtain while I was still stationed there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Entry: 16 Name: Diane Rushing
Sent: 4.32 am - tue 23 dec 2003

Merry Christmas! I will always remember by friends and our lost shipmates from VR-24. I was only stationed there from 82-84 but it'll always be my favorite squadron in the Navy- Stringbean- Buford- Kernel? any of you guys still out there??? AKC Diane Rushing

Entry: 15 Name: Paul Kowalski
City South Wales, NY 14139
Sent: 1.27 pm - sat 20 dec 2003

Looking for old shipmates, Port Lyautey from 1951 to 1953. Also Hendon Blackbush, England.

Entry: 14 Name: Robert K. Jenney
City North Reading, MA 01864
Sent: 1.38 pm - mon 8 dec 2003

I served with VR-24 Det. in Naples,Italy from 1956 to 1959. I was an ATN-2 and flew as flight radioman on the R5D and also flew on the TF-1 Trader out to carriers in the Medeteranian. It is good to find this web site.

Entry: 13 Name: Lee Tallick
City Bordentown, NJ 08505
Sent: 1.45 pm - sun 30 nov 2003

I was in aircraft maintenance 55, 56, 57 on the R5D, TBM, and the TF1 in Naples, Italy. Looking to hear from anyone I may have served with in Naples. Lee Tallick AM3

end of page 8

Entry: 12 Name: Mary Hale
City Normangee, Texas
Sent: 12.15 pm - sun 23 nov 2003

We are VR!!! Been along time but Larry and I are still
kick'en! Hi to all we know. (1977 - 1980). Would love to hear from you and reminice or catch up.
From Sig to Texas, Mary Hale

Entry:11 Name: Robert F. (Bob) Blume
City East Peoria, Il.
Sent: 5.42 pm - sat 22 nov 2003

After a 2 year tour on the USS MISSISSIPPI, I arrived at VR-24 late Dec. 1953-serving until late Jun 1955. The marine at the gate asked me how I got this deal. I said "what deal", I later found out this was the best duty of my 4 year tour. I remember pilots: James T. Crawford (my boss-great guy), Van Burean(Van Bourbon), Wheels Wheeler, Captain "Jack", buddies Pete Rheel, Santinello, Gross,David Dickens, "Beachball" McNally from New Jersey, Jimmy Rogers from New York City, John Scavotto, Boland(one seasick guy) on Gen. R.E. Callen on way over to Casablanca.

Entry: 10 Name: John Vinson
City Pebble Beach, CA
Sent: 5.04 pm - tue 18 nov 2003

I was in VR-24 from March of 1950 until April of 1952.
March 50 to December 50 at Port Lyautey and the remainder at Hendon. I was an Aviation Electrician. As an aside, I served under Captian Leonard Harmon aboard the USS Rankin (AKA-103) in 1960. He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word. I was a Ltjg at the time and he would come to the bridge when I was the OOD and help me drive the ship. We frequently discussed VR-24 and our experiences in the squadron. If any old timers happen to read this and remember me, please drop a note.

Entry: 9 Name: Mark Mason
City Atlanta
Sent: 4.42 pm - mon 17 nov 2003

Got word last month that Master Chief Blackie Pittman passed away in Sept.'03 in Florida. He was a great American having served 43 years in the Navy. R.I.P. Blackie

Entry: 8 Name: Bob Howard
Sent: 8.04 pm - sun 16 nov 2003

Boy these letters got smaller from the last time I looked at this site! That's alright, I can still read them.for now . Missed the reunion again this year. Trying to think up a alaibi but can't. Wife would not go and she wouldn't ok me going, she is getting very mean in her old age and is still capable of hurting me a lot. That is a good reason for not going isn't it? Where is the next one? Maybe , if it isn't to far I can make it. Would liked to have seen Clyde, Pete, Tom and Zimmy.

Entry: 7 Name: Michael Gray
City Topsham Maine
Sent: 4.02 am - fri 14 nov 2003

I served in the Best Squadron in the US Navy from August 1989 thru decomissioning. I was AZC, then AZCS Mike Gray. Worked Maintenance Admin with a great group of AZ's for the first year. Then moved into Maintenance Control where I worked as Night Check Maintenance Chief for almost two years. I made Senior Chief while on det to Bahrain, and on return was made the Maintenance Control Supervisor, a position I held thru Decom. I went on many dets during my tour, a lot of Rota dets, Jeddah, Bahrain, RAF Akriti Cyprus.
As others have, I would also like to pass condolences to the Punches family. Capt Jack Punches was a wonderful person. I still fondly remember the Navy Ball in downtown Catania during the Desert Storm time period. Jack Punches was at the chiefs table in the back of the room, we couldn't hear the people speaking, nor could we see them. So we had out own party. The Admiral was asking us to keep quiet, but Jack just keep going so we did too! Was a night to remember!
My tour in VR-24 was without a doubt the best tour in my career. The people, the dets, the island, the CPO mess, the planes. What a great experience!

Entry: 6 Name: Cameron (Moe) Mobley
Sent: 6.13 am - thu 13 nov 2003

Hi, served in VR24 det Naples from 56/57,worked in air cargo. Looking for Gene(Lefty)Garcia and James (Slim Jim) Camp.Now retired from trucking,so have plenty time on my hands.Hope to hear from someone soon. Moe

Entry: 5 Name: Doug Kelsey
Sent: 9.02 pm - wed 12 nov 2003

Found the new Guestbook. You do a good job looking after things DP........ I served in VR-24 Det Rota 1966 - 69. I'm #37 in the old Guestbook. Feel free to drop me a line.

Entry: 4 Name: David Hale
City Houston, Tx. 77040
Sent: 11.05 am - wed 12 nov 2003

I served in VR-24 from 1975 to 1979. I was a NATOPS crew cheif on the C1-A Trader. I can still picture the planes in my mind. I had no idea that there is a web site and reunion. This is great maybe someone who served during that time will in touch I would love to talk about old times. One of my best times was on the Norway det. in 1976 I got my Blue Nose at that time.

Entry: 3 Name: Ted Bishop
City Electra, TX
Sent: 8.42 pm - mon 10 nov 2003

I served in VR-24 in '58 and '59. Ileft as an AD3. I recognize some of the guys in the photo album. VR-24 was the best time of my Navy hitch. I remember when an R5D load of us took a "working" vacation to the world's fair in Brussels and a few days in Oslo,Norway.
1958 was a good year in Victor Roger Two Dozen.

end of page 9

Entry: 2 Name: Ron Irwin
City Gretna
Sent: 8.19 pm - mon 10 nov 2003

Glad to see that you've got it up and running. My eyes aren't as good as they were many years ago so I wonder if the text size could be a little bigger. I keep my size at medium but need to go up the scale to easily read the message you entered.

Entry: 1
Name: Dick Prather
Sent: 6.19 pm - mon 10 nov 2003

To all regular visitors to the VR-24 website; my apologies for the absence of a Guestbook page for the better part of a week. Our previous commercial Guestbook provider bailed without warning sometime last Thursday. Luckily, I had saved the old Guestbook file just a week earlier. All earlier Guestbook entries(except a short one by me on 5 Nov.) are now available by clicking on the Guestbook Archive Page. I am not fond of this Guestbook either and may change it again in the near future. If I do, I will keep the current entries and post them either on another archive page or paste them into whatever newer/better Guestbook I find. Again, my apologies. Your friendly webmaster/editor.