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Aviation Safety Award

Aviation Safety Award

C1A Trader Patch

C2A Greyhound Patch

Later C2A COD Patch

Original C2A Greyhound Patch

Sabreliner Patch

Sabreline 1000hr Patch

VR-24 Mission Patch

Maintenance Crew Patch

C1A Trader
.28 Mach "Humor" Patch

VR-24 Flight Ops
"Humor" Patch

VR-24 Det
"Spoof" Patch

VR-24 Mercury
"Spoof" Patch

Seabird with bag
"COD Spoof" Patch

Charie Brown "Lurch"
"COD Spoof" Patch

These Scrapbook Pages are dedicated to the preservation and sharing of memories and experiences of those who served in or were dependents of members of VR-24 and/or its detachments. A "thumbnail sketch" of the squadron's history is provided by the gallery of VR-24 patches shown above. The patches reflect the evolving scope of the squadron's mission, the increasing sophistication of its aircraft, and to some extent, the character of the squadron and its detachments during particular periods of time.

The term Scrapbook was purposely chosen to encompass the diverse nature of the collection of photos and material to be posted on these pages. Included will be some articles documented in one form or another as to time and circumstance, and others based solely on the recollections of those who contributed them. It is envisioned that these pages will, collectively and over time, reveal an interesting, comprehensive, and hopefully, entertaining mosaic of VR-24's operational history.

The following pages are arranged first by location and subject, then in random order by collection. At present, we have insufficient photos to develop pages for the time when VR-24 was based at NAVSTA Rota, Spain. Pages for Rota, as well as for temporary bases and deployment sites from which the squadron operated, will be added as photos and/or articles become available.

Anyone wishing to share photos and stories with former "shipmates", families, and friends is encouraged to send them to Dick Prather, Webmaster/Editor of the VR-24 website.

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Scrapbook Pages: 

Scrapbook London

Scrapbook Port Lyautey/Kenitra

Scrapbook Naples

Scrapbook Rota

Scrapbook Sigonella

Squadron Detachments

Ops Summaries and Prop Wash

VR-24 Aircraft Accidents

Ramp Watch

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